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Date: 13-Dec-22
PACRA Assigns Initial Social Impact and Performance Rating to CSC Empowerment & Inclusion Programme

Rating Details Rating Type Social Impact and Performance Rating
Dissemination Date Current (13-Dec-22 )
Action Initial
Rating SIP3
Outlook Stable
Rating Watch -

Rating Rationale Factor Comment
Ownership/Members CEIP has three members, who have each given a guarantee of up to PKR 100,000 in case of a possibility of default.
Governance The board of directors comprises six members including two independent directors, depicting a sound governance structure. Two board committees with independent representation are also present for adde
Management CEIP's management is qualified and experienced, and turnover at senior management level is low. The organizational structure is defined with adequate departmentalization in place.
Social Impact CEIP has a publicly available mission statement which clearly outlines the target market and the manner in which CEIP intends to serve the market. A Social Performance Committee may be established at
Business Sustainability As borrowing is the primary source of funding for CEIP, the markup expenses have increased (~46%) more than the markup income (~28%) during FY22 due to a surge in the benchmark rate. The increase in o
Financial Sustainability The Company has a low equity base of ~PKR 384mln at end-Jun'22. The PAR 30 ratio has improved in FY22 compared to FY21; however, it is still on the higher side when compared with previous years.

Key Rating Drivers CSC Empowerment and Inclusion Programme's ('CEIP' or the 'Company') goal is to provide microfinance to underprivileged households in Pakistan with an emphasis on financial inclusion and empowerment of women and the youth. CEIP approaches its clients to have success stories and clients' voices heard; however, CEIP may further add to this practice and compile the information gathered in the form of a social performance dashboard indicating the targets and achievements pertaining to social impact. A proper grievance redressal mechanism is in place with board-approved policy; however, the client grievance reports may be presented to the board at least annually. Going forward, the rating is dependent on management’s ability to raise funds and enhancement of market share. CEIP's commitment to its social objective and action on the same will be important for the assigned rating.

About the Entity
Legal Structure Not-for-profit organization (Section-42)
Year of Establishment 19-Mar-15
Type of License Non-banking Microfinance Company (NBMFC)
Majority Ownership N/A

Regulatory Disclosures Analyst Applicable Criteria Related Research
Afnan Iqbal

Methodology | Social Impact and Performance Rating | Sep-22

Sector Study | Microfinance | Sep-22

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