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PACRA Maintains Stability Rating of Alhamra Wada Plan

Rating Type Stability Rating
(04-Jul-23 )
(30-Dec-22 )
Action Maintain Initial
Long Term AA(f) AA(f)
Short Term - -
Outlook Stable Stable
Rating Watch - -

Alhamra Wada Plan (the ‘Fund’) is a very low risk-profile open ended fund. The duration of the Fund is perpetual; however, allocation plan(s) launched by the Management Company (MCB-AH) under this Fund may be perpetual or may have fixed maturity. The objective of the Fund is to provide an attractive promised return at maturity of the Allocation Plans under the Fund, by investing in shariah compliant fixed income securities. Since the Fund is not directly offering its units to the investor rather offering shall only be made through allocation Plans launched from time to time under the umbrella of this Fund.
Currently, Alhamra Wada Plan VII is launched under the umbrella of the Fund. The plan, in line with its Investment Objectives, will invest in the authorized investment avenues. The Management Company shall ensure the promised return is delivered to the investors. The promised return shall be valid only for the investors who remain invested till the maturity of the pertinent plan. Investment avenues for the plans are government securities, cash in banks, money market placements, deposits, certificate of deposits, certificate of musharakas and term deposit receipts.
Alhamra Wada Plan VII:
The Fund's Plan VII is in compliance with the authorized investment policy. At May'23, the Plan had invested 92.2% of its assets in 1year GoP Ijara Sukuk rated 'AAA' (triple A). The weighted average maturity and the duration of the Fund stood at 297days and 266days. However, since the investment is in GoP Ijara Sukuk, the credit risk is at manageable level. The top ten investor's concentration remained a 65% representing moderate redemption pressure. Since the plan is fixed maturity, the redemption pressure is on lower side.
Going forward, the Fund will invest in accordance with its authorized investment policy and maintain its exposure in Shariah Compliant instruments. Material changes in the Fund's asset allocation strategy, impacting its credit quality and/or exposure to interest rate risk, would affect the rating.

About the Entity
MCB-AH is a Public Listed Company, regulated by the SECP. The Company holds licenses for Asset Management, Investment Advisory, and Pension Fund Management catering to both conventional and Shariah-compliant clientele and is currently managing a diverse product slate of nineteen open-end funds and two voluntary pension schemes. MCB-AH is also managing one of the largest AUMs under the SMA segment and holds a significant position in the investment advisory domain.
On April 18, 2023, MCB Bank Limited (MCB) has acquired 30.09% shares of MCB-AH from Arif Habib Corporation Limited (AHCL) increasing the shareholding in MCB-AH from 51.33% to 81.42% and AHCL no longer holding any shares in MCB-AH. Adamjee Insurance Company Limited holds ~8% shares and the general public holds remaining ~11% of the shareholding. Mr. Saqib Saleem is the CEO of the company. MCB-AH's control vests in an eight-member board of directors, including the CEO. There are four non-executive directors, while three directors are independent. The AUMs (CIS & VPS) of MCB-AH declined to PKR 153.8bln at end-May'23 (Dec'22: PKR 160bln).

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