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PACRA Maintains Entity Ratings of Hub Power Company Limited

Rating Type Entity
(22-Dec-17 )
(20-Apr-17 )
Action Maintain Maintain
Long Term AA+ AA+
Short Term A1+ A1+
Outlook Stable Stable
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The Hub Power Company Limited (Hubco) is one of the largest power producers in the country contributing ~7% towards the total generation of the country in FY17. Hubco aims to significantly expand its generation capacity. Hubco aims to boost the country's energy security by utilising Pakistan's indigenous natural resources. In this regard, the company has hived down its Narowal Plant into a fully owned subsidiary which resulted in partial deleveraging of the company. Hubco is in the process of setting up new coal power plants (i) 2x660MW coal fired power plant at Hub and (ii) 330MW mine-mouth coal fired power plant at Thar. Hub coal plants project is being developed under a joint venture with China Power International Holdings (CPIH). A separate JV company has been setup (China Power Hub Generation Company - CPHGC) to undertake this project. Currently Hubco has 26% stake in CPHGC. Hubco has incorporated Thar Energy Limited to undertake its 330 MW open-mine mouth coal power plant in Thar. Although, currently fully owned, Hubco is in the process of having equity partners. Company’s new projects will be financed in debt to equity ratio of 75:25. The company plans to finance equity portion of the project partly through internal cash-flows and by securing new debt. Although this would increase leveraging, matching repayments with project returns should help manage the financial risk profile.

Comfort is drawn from Hubco’s deleveraged balance sheet and relatively free stable cash flows. Cash flow streams of Hubco's plants are guaranteed by GoP under the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), subject to adherence to the agreed upon performance benchmarks; this provides comfort to the ratings. Timely completion of new projects and maintaining healthy debt service coverages post acquisition of new debt will remain critical.

About the Entity
Hubco, listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, was incorporated in 1991. Dawood group is the largest shareholder (17.38%). It exercises significant control through dominant presence on the Board. However, lately it has decided to divest its stake. Other major shareholders include Allied Bank (9.7%), Fauji Foundation (8.5%), and National Bank (4.8%) while the rest is well dispersed. Hubco currently operates i) an oil-fired power plant of 1,292MW at Hub site, and ii) a 225MW capacity oil-fired power plant at Narowal. Additionally, Hubco holds a 75% controlling interest in Laraib Energy Limited that operates 84 MW hydel power plant. Hubco has established a wholly owned subsidiary - Hub Power Services Limited (HPSL) - to manage the O&M. Hub plant's O&M was taken over in Aug-15 meanwhile Narowal's O&M was taken over in April-16. Hubco has successfully managed to meet performance benchmarks after consistent improvement via maintenance of its plants.

The BoD comprises fourteen-members including the CEO of Hubco. BoD includes seven representatives from Dawood Group. Mr. Khalid Mansoor, the CEO, carries 35 years of experience in Energy & Petrochemical Sectors. He is assisted by a team of experienced professionals.

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